During the initial consultation, you will confidentially discuss your situation and the different options we can offer to solve your immigration needs. You will come out of a discussion with the action plan, an understanding of the following steps, and an estimate for our services.​

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“Katya and Ryan worked on my O-1A case with thorough and diligent attention and were able to help me and my wife obtain our Visas. Ryan was available at all times whenever we needed to discuss a minor issue. The timelines committed to us were always respected, and the right effort was put in to align expectations. Katya was always keen to humbly learn from the research of my local team, which I very much appreciate”

— Raghav Gupta

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Please schedule an initial consultation with Katya Stelmakh here. Our consultation fee is $200 for 30 minutes. You can talk by phone or Zoom. If you want to meet Katya in person in our office in Seattle, you have to book 1-hour consultation. The initial consultation fee will be credited to the case fee if you hire us – all consultations for the clients are free and unlimited. 

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