An Overview of the H1B visa

An H1B visa allows non-citizens to work on a temporary basis in the United States. People who receive an employment offer in a speciality occupation may obtain an H1B visa. An H1B visa allows a foreign national to remain in the United States for no more than six years. However, it is possible for an employee to receive an extension of their status beyond six years , if they are in the process of obtaining employment-based permanent residence. Additionally, H1B visas are capped at a certain level. That means that the government may only issue a certain amount of them every year. Currently, the government may not issue more than 85,000 H1B visas per year.

There are also a number of requirements that must be satisfied before the government will issue an H1B visa. An experienced H1B immigration lawyer in Seattle who is familiar with these requirements can help you obtain an H1B visa.


A Few Requirements

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  • You must have a job offer from an American employer or recruiter.
  • Certain specialty occupation H1B visa petitions require the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • The employer who has offered the visa applicant a qualifying job must also obtain a labor condition application (LCA) from the US Department of Labor.

With various requirements and an annual cap, it can be very difficult to obtain an H1B visa on your own. Let an experienced H1B immigration lawyer in Seattle help you today.

What is the H1B visa procedure?

The H1B visa permits foreign nationals to work in the United states on a temporary basis. This, in turn, allows recruiters and employers in the United States to hire professionals from abroad. Those with H1B status may eventually be able to obtain a green card or permanent residency (PR) in the US. If you are curious about your H1B visa eligibility in Seattle, you should contact one of our experienced immigration lawyers as soon as possible.

The basics of the H1B Visa

Professionals usually need a bachelor’s degree or higher to be granted an H-1B visa. The visa is often granted for specific occupations. Some examples of qualified positions include jobs in chemistry, architecture, data communication, accounting, or physics.

To find out about the list of occupations that the H1B visa is available for, you can connect with an H1B visa attorney. Besides this, you can also get in touch with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). These are the best sources to find information on which occupations are eligible for the H1B Visa.

Here are some more pointers and facts to know about the H1B visa. This information is well-researched and streamlined to help assure you through your application process.

  • The H1B visa is a temporary Visa type

The H1B is a temporary visa, which can make people feel doubtful about their future. However, one may be able to extend their H1B status depending on their circumstances. In some situations the extension may even be automatic, based on the nature of employment. An H1B visa-holder is j considered an immigrant in the U.S. However, a visa cancellation can be issued if the visa holder breaks the law.

It is best to find an employer who will sponsor you before beginning your application for this visa, because the employer plays a huge role in making your H1B application process smooth. You may also consider hiring a legal representative to assist you through the process. It is a good idea to choose your lawyer according to your targeted region. For example, you can search online for H1B visa lawyer Seattle, or for any other region in the U.S/ you would like to work in.

  • The duration of the H1B visa

The H1B is valid for up to three years, but one can extend the Visa up to six years. Based on your employment type specification, you can extend your H1B visa for even longer than 6 years in certain circumstances. Your organization or employer will take certain actions to make sure that you can extend the Visa for longer. Your qualification for extension will depend on the category or nature of the work that you are in. The defence industry is one of the industries that will let its employees extend their visas for up to 10 years. 

  • The yearly cap for H1B visas is 85,000  

Current immigration laws will only allow about 85,000 new H1B holders every year. The H1B visa is only available to skilled international employees and will also include academic degree bearers from any US-based institution. Once the number has reached the final cap, the USCIS will no longer accept any more applications. Therefore, it is extremely important to apply ahead of time.

Perks of being an H1B holder:

There are certain perks of being an H1B visa holder. One of the most valued advantages is that the H1B visa holder can bring their family with them to the US. Qualifying family members include spouse and children, and they can arrive under an H4 Visa category. However, the children must be unmarried and under the age of 21. Moreover H4 visa holders may not work during the duration of their stay in the United States.

Contact an immigration attorney today for expert guidance on your H1B visa application

Our team has experienced attorneys who can help you with all categories of visas related concerns. We can prepare and submit all the papers, such as forms and documents, to the Department of Labor (DOL) and USCIS. Our team will talk to the officials on your behalf and work zealously to get your application through as quickly as possible. We will stand by your side, fight for your rights, and uphold our responsibilities to you and your case.

Role and responsibilities of an H1B Visa attorney

  • Advising the sponsor and worker about the entire process
  • Providing a relevant timeline for the application
  • Managing expectations regarding lottery selection.
  • Accurately completing the Labor Conditions Application
  • Obtaining the latest offering wages for the specific job and location
  • Gathering all necessary supporting documents for the petition
  • Filing the petition with the USCIS
  • Completing the petition process accurately
  • Reviewing the petition
  • Replying to USCIS timely about any requests for evidence.
  • Following up on lottery results.

Having an attorney by your side can make your H1B application process a hassle-free affair. Book your first initial consultation, discuss your concerns with our professionals, and find out the best legal solution for your concerns.

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