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Immigration law firm in the USA

Stelmakh & Associates, LLC is an immigration law firm based in Seattle

Entrepreneurs & Investors

I’d like to start my own business or invest into the U.S. company

Extraordinary Abilities

I’m very accomplished in business \ science \ art \ athletics

Work Visas & Green Cards

I got a job offer from the Unites States company

Visitor Visas

I’d like to visit the USA temporarily for tourism or business

Family Immigration

I have a relative in the USA willing to sponsor me for immigration


I am getting married to the U.S. citizen or green card holder

Student & Exchange Visitors

I would like to study \ teach \ intern in the Unites States of America

Change of Status

I’m here. I’d like to change visa status inside the USA or immigrate.


I would like to apply for the United States citizenship.

Immigration Law Firm in The USA

Welcome to the U.S. Immigration Law Firm

Stelmakh & Associates, LLC is an immigration law firm based in Seattle, Washington. We devise a customized immigration, investment, and business strategy for you and guide you through all the steps of the process. 

What to expect from the initial consultation:

During the initial consultation, you will confidentially discuss your situation and different options we can offer to solve your immigration needs. You will come out of discussion with the action plan, understanding of the next steps and an estimate for our services.​

The best immigration lawyers

Our team

Katya Stelmakh

Founder and Managing Director, immigration attorney

During the initial consultation, you will confidentially discuss your situation and different options we can offer to solve your immigration needs. You will come out of discussion with the action plan, understanding of the next steps and an estimate for our Read more …

Kimberly McGurn

Associate Attorney

Kimberly is a dedicated and compassionate immigration attorney with expertise in the O-1 Extraordinary Ability visa, as well as various permanent residency paths such as EB-1 Extraordinary Ability and Outstanding Researchers, EB-2 National Interest Waivers,  Read more …

Ryan Wiles

Of Counsel

As an experienced immigration practitioner for over 6 years, Ryan’s lifelong calling is to enable extraordinary technologists, scientists, and entrepreneurs to work and obtain Permanent Residence in the U.S. He has specialized expertise and insight from his unique, Read more …

Reviews about Stelmakh & Associates LLC

What our clients say

Abhik Ray
Abhik Ray
My wife and I used the services of Katya and her team for our AOS. We were continually impressed with the team's level of support and professionalism. Our situation was more complicated than usual and Katya held our hands throughout the process. Katya herself is a brilliant lawyer, but what distinguishes her more in our minds is the fact that she understands how stressful the immigration process is and cares about her clients. Quite often Katya and her team went over and above the call of duty even answering our questions on weekends. We felt we had an elder sister by our side helping us navigate our situation. We recommend Katya's services very strongly to anyone wanting to go through the US immigration process! Thank you Katya and team!
vibhav Singh
vibhav Singh
Katya is the Best Immigration attorney you could get, She and Kimberly helped me with my O1 petition and the support i got from them during the prep of my petition was outstanding and i was amazed with how detailed and precise my petition was created, that I got it approved within 2 weeks and that too without an RFE. Katya is highly knowledgeable in both immigrant and non immigrant visa and she and her team are highly responsive and supportive. I highly recommend them!!
Tapojit Debnath
Tapojit Debnath
Katya was very diligent, detail-oriented throughout my immigration application processes. She's also responsive, getting back with clarifying responses in a short span of time.
Assylan Tulegenov
Assylan Tulegenov
Highly efficient and professional law firm! They patiently led the entire process from application development through obtaining approvals. More importantly they delivered on results within relatively short period. I will highly recommend working with Stelmakh and Associates! From my family and myself: Thank you Katya!
Seshagiri Rao Vaidyula
Seshagiri Rao Vaidyula
Green Card / Permanent Residency Petition - EB1A and AOS I have hired Katya to help with the current filling of my EB1A Petition and AOS for myself and my family, and I am truly amazed by her knowledge & expertise, attention to detail, and step-by-step guidance throughout the process. She is very responsive and extended her support even after filing and approving the petition. for instance, I had to request an emergency advance parole for my wife to attend a family emergency and Katya & her team's services and support are above and beyond. I will highly recommend her for any related immigration services!
prashant kv
prashant kv
I am really fortunate that I worked with Katya. She is very knowledgeable and precisely knows how to prepare a strong case. I would highly recommend Stelmakh for any green card or immigration related needs.
Renat Usmanov
Renat Usmanov
Катя – Самый лучший русскоговорящий иммиграционный адвокат с высокими моральными принципами. Она всегда чётко и грамотно продумывает стратегию начиная с первой консультации. Заказывая услуги у Кати, вы можете быть уверенными в правильности оформления и подачи документов. Катя обладает профессиональными знаниями словно магией и поэтому 90% её клиентов получают желаемого. Рекомендую!
Liyan C
Liyan C
Katya is the best immigration attorney and I can’t recommend her enough. My husbands process began pre-Covid and after Covid began, we were still in the middle and of the immigration process. We were devastated to hear that our interview had been delayed but Katya was always on top of things, checking the time frames and making calls to get us scheduled as soon as possible. Once we had been scheduled we realized that instead of Seattle immigration office we had been scheduled in Yakima for an interview. Katya didn’t hesitate. She took her day off from work to travel with us all the way to Yakima. During the interview she was present with us and made sure to add any helpful information and monitor what was being asked from us. She brought all the copies of documents with her in case the immigration officer needed copies. It has been a pleasure working with her from start to finish. She was always so calm and collected, assuring us that she knew what she was doing. In the end everything worked out and we became like family. I highly recommended her and trust her. She is knowledgeable, intelligent and she will fight for your case.
Ari N
Ari N
I typically don’t write online reviews, just not my style! But sometimes, you have to. As far as I recall, this is the third one that I’m writing in my life! Most likely, you would like to know why, right? Well, I’m a data person; so, I’ll go by number and real evidence. Here is one example that I can share: I have just exported one of the email threads with Katya and Kimberly to MS Word with not a big font but Aerial 9.5, and then counted number of lines! More than 100 lines just regarding some extra future related questions that had nothing to do with my main case with them and that was not the only thread of such a nature! I did not hear, “ooh,… yeah… you know… this is beyond our agreed…”. I’m not saying go misuse their time; I’m just saying how supportive they are by just one example. It has been an honor to have Katya and Kimberly as my immigration attorneys. I had a complex case of dual employers, while for one of them, my own startup, I had an O1A. Basically, my new case was a concurrent O1A in addition to my startup O1A, where the new one was sponsored by a large research university. A very tight schedule and a lot of stress; however, the only part of the process that was smooth and stressless was knowing that 2 attorneys are taking care of the immigration maze precisely and that’s exactly what they did. Many thanks, Katya and Kimberly for all the support! I will never forget how responsive and supporting you were.
Raghav Gupta
Raghav Gupta
Katya and Ryan are one of the best when it comes to Non-Immigrant Visas. They worked on my O-1A case with thorough and diligent attention, and were able to help me and my wife obtain our Visas. Ryan, who primarily worked on our application was available at all times whenever we needed to discuss a minor issue. The timelines committed to us were always respected and the right effort was put in to align expectations. Extremely professional. Not just that, but Stelmakh Law was able to help identify the right US consulates where we could get our stamping appointments. This was extremely challenging considering US embassies in (almost) all countries were providing appointments to only citizens of their respective countries and there were multiple travel restrictions in place due to CoVID-19. Although my local team was doing most of the leg work, Katya was always keen to humbly learn from our research so it could benefit her other clients, which I very much appreciate.

Why Choose Our Firm

  • Experience

Our attorney Katya Stelmakh has been practicing business immigration law since 2006. She solely practices immigration law to ensure that she is up to date with all current regulations.

  • Integrity

We get results for our clients. We will deliver an honest assessment of your particular case and will not give you false promises. We handle hundreds of cases per year and have more than 99% approval rate

  • Accessibility

It will be easy for you or your company to work with us. We serve clients throughout the world. We can handle cases by phone, email, and video meetings in addition to meeting clients in our Seattle office. We use a cutting edge immigration case management system powered by AILAW. Your case is important for us and deserves individual attention.

Our work process. From start to success

What to expect?

01. Schedule a Consultation

You will confidentially discuss your situation and the different options we can offer to solve your immigration needs. You will come out of the discussion with the action plan, an understanding of the next steps, and an estimate for our services.​ 

The consultation fee will be credited towards your case fee if you decide to hire us – all consultations for our clients are free and unlimited

02. Sign Our Retainer Agreement

We will send you an electronic agreement you can sign online and the invoice. We usually charge 50% of attorney fees upfront and 50% before filing the petition.

03. Complete Our Questionnaire

We will invite you to our case management portal, where you will upload supporting documents and fill out a questionnaire. We will use your answers to prepare the immigration forms.


04. We Prepare Your Petition Package

After preparing immigration forms for your case, we draft the legal argument and compile all your evidence for submission to the USCIS. We will share the petition packet with you for a final review.

05. Sign the Immigration Forms

You can sign the forms in our office or send them by email. 

06. We Print and Send Your Package to the USCIS

After, we will email you all USCIS notices relating to your case – Receipt Notice, Fingerprints Appointment Notice, Interview Notice (if any), and Decision Notice. 

07. We Monitor the Status of Your Case

We will follow up with the USCIS on your behalf if your case is not reviewed within normal processing times

08. We Attend the Interview with You

The final step is preparing you for the interview. Our attorney can appear at your USCIS Interview in person or by phone / video conference. 

09. Congratulations on Your Approval!


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