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The application procedure for the green card entirely varies on whether you are in the U.S. or in your hometown. For people who apply from their home country, their applications undergo consular processing. So, getting a green card through a consular processing Seattle can be intimidating. Given below are the times when you can opt for the consular processing.

Consular processing of the H-1B petition defines your application to have got sent from your home country at the U.S. consulate. If you are not in the U.S., the default option to land in the U.S. with the H-1B visa is via consular processing. The h1b visa consular processingcan require professionals help as it helps in avoiding many hassles. The time and mechanisms of petitioning through the processing are similar to regular handling. The only differences that offer strategic advantages are to those who are currently in the U.S.

Who should opt for EB-2 consular processing Seattle?

According to laws and regulations, non-immigrants residing in the U.S. beyond his period of stay can never get the readmission to the U.S., except for one condition. Based on the visa issued in the consular office in the country of the nationality of alien, the non-immigrant can apply for the eb1 consular processing.

The ones who neither are in the lawful status, nor the authorized period-stays should opt for the consular processing to enter the lands of the U.S. lawfully. There might be multiple unpredictable situations that can render the non-immigrant out of status. For instance, the petition can get denied for some unforeseen reasons. Nonetheless, in such cases, officials of USCIS can determine that the non-immigrant failed to amend the petition timely upon working at the new location concerning the consular notification h1b.

USCIS can even dismiss the arguments, or the employer can withdraw the approved petition upon firing you. When the applicant faces a multitude of status issues, he/she must consider the h1b with consular processing. This is essential to build the compact and most durable case that could increase the possibilities for approval.

Documents needed by the applicant-

To acquire your h1b transfer approved with consular processing, it is essential to include these documents. Given below are the documents that are required:

  • The original copy of I-797 approval notice for the immigration petition.
  • A Xerox of immigration petition which you had filed.
  • Receipt notice for the Form I-824 and approved notice for the Form I-824. (This is applicable only when you did not apply for the consular processing in the immigration petition process).
  • You also need evidence of the last residence in the past host country.
  • The Consular processing forms for application.
  • The Passport.
  • Medical exam.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • The employment information for the last decade (i.e., ten years)
  • Marriage certificates.
  • Military records (if any).
  • You also need address proof from the time you were 16 years of age.
  • You also need documentation of your termination of the prior marriages (if any). This can include the divorce decree and death certificate (if it is applicable).

Police certificates from the country where the applicant resided for a year ever for 16 years of age. The police certificates should cover the period of the residence of the applicant in the area. The certificate must be issued by the police authority, and include arrests, the reason behind, and the disposition of every recorded case.

Many people think that consulting any professional can cost them huge. Reputed firms like Stelmakh& Associates, LLC charge consular processing attorney fees so that the client don’t have to trouble their pocket.

What happens during the interview for consular processing?

An interview must be conducted in case one needs to opt for consular processing h1b transfer. With us, you can be assured to get in-depth knowledge and understanding of the proceedings concerning immigration petition. You also require ensuring that your availability to attend the interview with proper documents to bring.

The applicant should also understand the questions that can be asked. If the applicant fails to attend the interview session for a purpose, it is important to consult with legal professionals. You can also contact the officials at USCIS to request a rescheduling date. In case the applicant fails to request the new date & show up to the interview appointment, the application for consular processing will receive a denial.

Seek legal assistance for h1b transfer consular processing

You can consult with our professionals in case you need legal assistance forconsular processing. Also, you can get a brief idea about your consular processing status check from us. We communicate with you to give you a solution to your visa requirements. Stelmakh & Associates, LLC is helping people with such concerns for years. Hence, you are sure to get extended legal help here.

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