Green Card Lottery


What is the Green Card Lottery and how does it work?

Every year a substantial percentage of individuals migrate to the U.S. based on certain Visas. But 80% of them target the Green Card. It is almost a dream come true for a foreigner who wishes to permanently settle in the United States. As per the reports of the year 2018, about twenty-three million individuals tend to apply for the Green card lottery every single year. 

So, what exactly does a green card represent? A green card provides the holders a legal right for dwelling and also working in the United States, permanently. 

Let’s find out how the procedure works?

The green card lottery city process works in quite an exciting way. Innumerable applicants apply every year for it, and the applications are selected via a random automated procedure. The applications are screened through interview procedures. The ones who pass the process of screening are then awarded an immigrant visa. With their entries in the U.S., they are awarded their green cards.

How to find out if someone has a green card?

If you have already got your green card, the status can be checked via mail, email, online, in person, or via phone. Once your green card has been received, you will be informed by your chosen medium. 

The nation where you are born will play a huge role in your green card registration. This is because certain countries are not allowed to participate in the Visa lotteryapplication process. Nations that are excluded usually possess a higher percentage of immigration to the USA. Each nation that has accepted more than fifty thousand U.S. green cards via other legal paths of migration, such as work-related or family-related visas for the last five years, is automatically excluded from the Green Card Lottery Seattle

The list of the excluded nations can change from one year to another. It is definitely worth the moments invested in checking the excluded nations’ list daily. This is to check if the new countries have been added up or removed from the list. You will need to note that the nationality will play no role in Green card lotteries. As per the recent borders, just your nation of birth is imperative for deciding if you can be a part of the drawing. Also, the applicant needs to be qualified under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Knowing Green card lottery eligibility before filing an application for the same can be very beneficial as it will help in avoiding common errors.

Why is Green card significantly in demand?

Have you ever thought why the craze for Green card is extreme? The demand for it has never seen the ground. If you are picturing life in the United States and the same being one of the richest nations, a Green card should be your foremost tool. As per the green card lottery information and records, certain incomparable advantages are entailed with the Green card, which includes the following:

  • Access to Governmental jobs 

Though there are jobs that are explicitly reserved for the American citizens, the green cardholders get access to government jobs in the U.S. There are multiple options for government jobs in the U.S., which definitely offers lucrative packages. More than the pay, the assurance of stability is much more when it comes to government jobs. Whether you prefer to work in a banking institution, as a research scientist or a library, your application shall be given much preference. 

  • Save big time on education 

International students have to pay a significant amount of tuition fees. This amount is lesser in the case of in-state students. If you, your relative, or your children are attending school or university, a Green card status can help you save 50% of what international students have to pay. As a green card holder, you will be able to apply for additional educational aid for attending university. 

  • Easy travelling criterion inside or outside of the nation 

According to the affirmations of green card lottery lawyer Washington, Green cardholder, you will be able to travel with lesser hassle. You have more requirements and formalities to meet when you are a temporary or student visa holder. But as a green card holder traveling inside and outside the U.S., it will automatically become easier and hassle-free for you. 

  • Health-based benefits 

You will also be eligible for several health benefits when you are a green holder. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of green card probably. Health problems are uninvited, and one must take 

Why work with a green card lottery lawyer?

However, you must file your application correctly. There is no better person than a green card lottery lawyer to help you file your claim. Here are attorneys who specialize in the immigration field and can use their expertise to support your application get approved. A lawyer can help you walk through the process and gain success without any additional hassle. This can save you from facing any rejection as well. 

To reach reliable guidance ad assistance with your application, you must explore the green card lottery services. You can talk to legal professionals at Stelmakh & Associates, LLC to gain detailed insight about Green card related concerns.


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