Buying a franchise in the United States is rightfully considered an effective way not only to make a promising investment, but also to obtain temporary or even permanent residence in the U.S. There are various types of visas that are suitable for a franchise purchase scenario. Consult our immigration lawyer Katya Stelmakh to determine which visas you are eligible to apply for!

The E-2 investor visa  is the most common and affordable visa when purchasing a franchise. However, only a limited number of countries have an E-2 visa agreement with the United States. The list of E-2 treaty countries is available here.

  • You must have been employed by a foreign company (outside the United States) in a management position for at least the last three before applying for a visa.
  • You must own at least 50% of the franchise and be involved in running its day-to-day operations.
  • You should have control over the franchise’s operations (sometimes franchise agreements provide too much authority and control to the franchisor, which can create problems).
  • It is possible for two owners (who both own 50%) to file for an E-2 visa, even if they’re from different countries.