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I’m very accomplished in business \ science \ art \ athletics

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What is your field of achievement in which you want to work in the U.S.?(Required)
Have you or your work been profiled in media – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, online resources?(Required)
Are you a member of the professional organizations in your field?(Required)
It can be: a start-up accelerator, an invitation-only-business organization or a club for business leaders, an honor society for scientists etc.
Have you been acting as an expert or judge in your field?(Required)
It can be: peer-reviewing articles, editing or refereeing a professional journal, serving on a panel, expert consulting, judging a competition, evaluating research proposals, offering official direction for a thesis or dissertation, membership in a certifying commission
Have you worked in organizations with a distinguished reputation in leading or essential roles?(Required)
Have you been paid more for your work than most professionals in your field?(Required)
Have you received any awards, prizes, grants, or recognitions for your achievements?
Do you have publications as an author (books, scholarly articles, or media articles)?(Required)
Do you have an employer sponsor in the USA?(Required)
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