Hiring a business immigration lawyer can smooth the transition of moving to the US

A significant number of business entities from all over the world strive to expand geographically, to seek new opportunities and maximize earning potential. In the last few decades, it has been observed that several business organizations from different countries have commenced operations in the US.

During this period of expansion, the immigration laws, systems, and procedures in the US have continued to change. As such, navigating the  complicated system of immigration laws can be challenging for those who have never done it before. The current United States immigration law is very strict, but it does permit competent employees, entrepreneurs, investors, and employers to begin business operations in the US, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

If you intend to expand your business into the US, applying for a business immigration visa is an essential step of the process. Hiring an attorney who specializes in business immigration can save you from the tedious job of filing paperwork for Business Immigration in Seattle.

Business Immigrants

People who wish to conduct business in the US must receive a legal permit from the immigration administration. Such people are known as business immigrants. Business immigrants play a vital role in growing a country’s economy by commencing operations in a foreign country. The approval of a business immigrant’s visa application depends on their potential to establish their business and contribute to the country’s economy.

Business Immigration Lawyer

Categories of Business Visas

Non-immigrant Business Visa:

  • Over 20 different forms of non-immigrant visa types exist. Each visa is further categorized depending on the ability of the business class immigrants to cater to the requirements of the US economy.  
  • Non-immigrant visas are provided to foreign individuals who wish to settle in the U.S. to operate their business for a temporary period. It is expected that the immigrants must have the intent to return to their homeland when the temporary period comes to an end.
  • A non-immigrant visa is also provided to those who are recruited by US-based companies. They may reside in the country and conduct specific activities only if they have the work permit.
  • Foreign individuals who look forward to starting the operations of their businesses in the US can seek support from a Business Immigration Law Firm. After your application, you will go through two distinct screening procedures before obtaining permission to enter the country.


Immigrant Business Visa:

  • Only five primary types of business immigrant visas exist, and they are ranked from one to five. The ranking is done based on the priority of need by the business organizations in the U.S. and the economic condition.
  • These visas allow immigrants to reside and run businesses within the US for their lifetime. They can become green card holders and permanent residents. However, such immigrants may still be deported from the US if they commit a crime.
  • Depending on the requirement for the visa type, most business immigrants are hired by a US-based company.
  • Investors, entrepreneurs, and prospective individuals who are exceptionally talented and excel in their field may get permission to work and operate independently.

How can a business immigration lawyer help?

Even if an immigrant is capable and qualified, they are still at risk for having their application denied due to a lack of knowledge about immigration laws. Immigration is a complicated and difficult process, and many individuals find it challenging to go through it without the help of an experienced attorney by their side.

To avoid unwarranted issues in the process of applying for a business visa application, consider consulting an experienced Business Immigration Lawyer in Seattle.

Business Immigration Lawyer Seattle

Why should a business immigrant hire an immigration lawyer?

  • Someone who specializes in immigration law can effectively navigate the extensive paperwork that the immigration process requires. A competent lawyer can ensure that each party approves all the necessary documents, so the process of obtaining a business immigration visa can go smoothly.
  • A professional immigration lawyer will be aware of all the details that are needed for a successful business immigration visa application. Your lawyer will make sure that you do not neglect to include any relevant information while filing your application. Missing a piece of information can lead to your application being delayed or outright rejected, which is why your lawyer’s attention to detail can increase your chances of getting your application accepted quickly.
  • Hiring a Business Immigration Lawyer in Seattle can greatly improve your chances of success on your business visa application. An experienced lawyer who has been expediting the immigration visa procedure for years will be able to help you deal with complicated issues that may arise throughout the process.

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